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Sachico Vasquez

It is my goal to develop in each of my students a comprehensive understanding of music which enables them to play the piano with utmost enjoyment and musicality.

Quality piano instruction is achieved through focused private lessons and a variety of studio events. Private lessons typically focus on artistic performances, sight reading, and learning rudimentary exercises -with some time reserved for theory/ear training assignments, improvisation/composition activities, and ensemble work.

Piano study develops not only a lifelong appreciation and love for music, but also important life skills -including creativity, concentration, dedication, diligence, and perseverance.

Although an emphasis is placed on classical repertoire, the student's curriculum is always tailored to the student's interests and goals. Comprehensive musicianship and a spirit of camaraderie is developed through monthly Studio Classes, both formal and informal performance opportunities, optional achievement evaluations, and other studio events.

I hope you'll join me - and pursue the musician in you!

About Smusic Education Center

Music is for everyone and piano lessons should be fun! In Studio, a wide variety of music is offered in addition to the traditional method series which is the basis for learning music. Students will learn to sight-read well and work on memorization skills with most pieces they learn, but will also be given the opportunity to try a variety of other skills such as harmonization and composition and will have the chance to play both new music and music which is familiar.

Basic musicianship skills and theory are also an important part of understanding music and examples are related as much as possible to the music which is being studied.

If a student reaches the intermediate level, they will have the chance to try music by a wide variety of composers from different musical periods.

Background information will also be offered on the composers and on the musical instruments they used. Motivation is an important part of any activity and contests and small prizes are a regular part of the activities. Students play for each other in "Piano Club" meetings just for SMUSIC Studio and students are also asked to participate in at least one noncompetitive event each year, as well as the annual recital. Many events, including more competitive or noncompetitive auditions are also available for students who wish to do more.