Teaching Talented Students Since 1996

Parent Testimonials

“There is nothing more rewarding than to come home to beautiful music. Our children have been taking piano lessons for approximately 9 years, but they would not have persevered in this pursuit without the love, support and dedication of Ms. Sachiko Jaquez. Thank you for not giving up, and for pushing them year after year to reach a higher goal. We highly recommend SMUSIC for any age and any level.”

Helga F.

“We are so happy we found SMUSIC, Ms. Sachiko is a wonderful piano teacher. She has been teaching our daughter since she was little. She is always professional but patient and kind and works wonderfully with younger kids as well as helps older ones pursue their music goals. Sachiko has an eye for detail that makes the students always feel proud of their accomplishments.”

Betty Cruz

“My daughter’s experience with SMUSIC has been extraordinary. She has learned classical piano with the best piano teacher in the world. SMUSIC is devoted to the students and takes that extra step to make sure the learning process is mentally stimulating and also a lot of fun. Ms. Sachiko is amazing!

Naomi Torrese

“Both my kids (age 14 and 7) love their teacher, Sachiko. If a teenager loves her teacher, that says a lot already. She is very warm, cheerful and sweet, yet her lessons are very structured and highly effective! ”

Aya Tachiki

“My son Jason has thrived as a pianist under the patient and encouraging instruction of Sachiko. She is the epitome of professionalism. Jason loves her and has advanced quickly. She is fun and loving and successfully employs a reward system, which he loves. I could not be more pleased with her. We have been blessed by her.

Julie Richardson

“I have known Ms. Sachiko for over 4 years now. My two daughters have taken lessons with her and my oldest Samantha is currently seeking her High School Piano Diploma under her instruction. Ms. Sachiko's dedication, attention to detail and professionalism are unparalled in her field. She always has a smile on her face and Samantha is always happy to see her and eager to learn. Her nurturing and caring style is the key to her successful teaching. Her love for music and piano is contagious and Samantha is very fortunate to have her as a teacher and a mentor. ”

Onika Ferrer Morales

“We’re so happy that our daughter has Ms. Sachiko for her first piano teacher. Ms. Sachiko teaches every detail gently and nicely so that our daughter is always motivated to practice the piano every day. Our daughter is so lucky to have met her.

Yusuke Kageyama

Nina and Aliyah look forward to their piano lessons every week. Sachiko provide incentives for my girls to practice and continue to excel in their musical endeavors. She is a wonderful teacher with great credentials. She also communicate well with her students. ”

Eda Schottenstein